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Maria and The Mirrors were chosen to represent Post-modernism for this month’s V&A Friday Late, celebrating the exhibition Post-modernism: Style & Subversion 1970-1990.

Post-modernism – An absurd cacophony of contradictions, a visual/aural assault on the senses, shattering established ideas about style/sound with a radical freedom of design and deliverance.

With songs entitled ‘2000 years of Ketamine’, ‘Omar’ and ‘From Egypt with Love’ Maria and the Mirrors are SO post-modern they’re clearing the room. Like a weird social experiment, the weak cover their ears and scramble out like rats. It’s a mass exodus at the V&A, a revolution of sound barking at your brain. The venue refills, but its not long before there’s another exodus, I have never seen anything quite like it.

Is this Post-modern? It absolutely is.

Tribal chants screech over thrashing drums provided by Crystabel Riley and Kiera Fox, industrial throbbing space sounds are tweaked and twisted by Charlie Mahony resulting in an anarchic senselessness smashing in on your senses.

Trying to actually make sense of it misses the point, you can feel these free fall snaking beats right in the pit of your stomach.

It becomes apparent why Maria and the Mirrors are such a hit in Berlin, several women on the front row become feral swept up by the rhythms possession, writhing around in this white noise. Crackling into eventual mass applause as they crawl back to their seats. It’s challenging which is refreshing, there’s no easy listening here.

These three make a hell of a lot of noise its a journey through rave, chants and inaudible mantras.

Before long you can feel the bench throbbing ‘is this Travel Sex? ‘

Yes. This actually really happened. It was full on. Best gig I’ve been to in years I loved it.

Maria and the Mirrors are signed to Parlour records. Check out their latest release Travel Sex and find out where to catch them here:

Travel Sex –

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