As Lars Von Trier once demonstrated in his documentary – ‘the five obstructions” setting oneself limits however frustrating they may seem initially can often lead to much more thought provoking and beautiful work. The truth is that creativity feeds on limits and this was certainly the case for our major first year project at Central Saint Martins.

We were allowed to use only white felt and/or white cotton and just one week to make all our garments for the show! Mine was inspired by borderline personality disorder, the wackily put together outfits of little Edie (Edith Bouvier Beale) in the classic documentary ‘Grey Gardens’ and mental asylums in Massachusetts. Focusing on the contrast between the stark white walls and uniform hospital gowns and the free spirit underneath that wants to be released I embroidered and appliquéd a pair of high waisted ankle swinging flares and a bikini top with star signs, paw prints, and words borrowed from Tracy Emin.

I also tried my hand at hair, making fluorescent orange clip in dreadlock extensions and a choppy Angelina Jolie above the brow fringe for Georgie to wear at the show. You might recognize Georgie Hobday from the recent Illamasqua and Agent Provocateur campaigns, her wearing my clothes for the BA Fashion ‘White Show’ was a crazy honour!

The Show took place at St Martins new exhilarating home in Kings Cross. It was a ball.

Posted by Mimi