Last Friday (the 20thof January), for nine straight hours, The Nest in Dalston, East London, was a place of refuge for those into the new school of disco house and disco electronica. There was a lot of us, and in my opinion, way to many of us. This week TIGI Bedhead sent me to the vastly sold-out Tiger & Woods headline show, supported by fellow disco due Pyschemagik, along with a whole bunch of other acts that all seemed to gradually build on the disco-y, electronic foundations the last had laid, creating an ever bigger ‘disco nest’.

Tiger & Woods are an enigmatic due who preference anonymity to fame. In a rare interview given to Dazed Digital last year, they explain that as we live in an age where information is so readily accessible, all the mystery and fun has been sapped out of music. Therefore it is no wonder the due chose a research-proof name (‘Tiger Woods’ isn’t exactly a Google whack). They have a point. I mean, I didn’t particularly need to know that Lana Del Ray was Lizzy Grant in another life, who released an LP that bombed, and has a millionaire father. Nor, however, do I particularly care. They give their names as Larry Tiger & David Woods. However, the first rule of anonymity is that you don’t divulge your real names. They might be from Germany as the label Running Back, that released their debut full length titled ‘Through The Green’, is based in Frankfurt, but this is wild speculation.

I’ll stick to what I do know. ‘Through The Green’ was released in May of last year after a series of mini EPs, podcasts and solo ‘Larry Tiger’ and ‘David Woods’ edits, to critical acclaim. They also released a free, under the radar LP titled ‘Wiki & Leaks’ in October, which was also great. Tiger & Woods take samples of the best seconds of obscure, hard-to-place disco tracks, set them house beats which are looped over and over, with the outcome being extremely long (sometimes over eight minutes long), happy and dance-friendly edits. Some would call it disco house; they call it “future boogie”.

Tiger & Woods came out to rapturous cheers, wolf-whistles and applause when they finally made their way to the small, tucked away stage in The Nest. It was at least half one by this point, so forgive me if my memory is a little hazy. They played the majority of ‘Through The Green’, separated by a scattering of indeterminate tracks, although the most memorable was the single ‘Gin Nation’, which appeared to be many of the crowds favourite too. However, the best thing about Tiger & Woods live is the obvious enjoyment of Larry and David (Larry David?), who dance just as hard as most of the crowd. I tried to take a couple of photos of them both, but they are so committed to anonymity that they somehow made them look all blurry and shit in the cold light of day, weird right? Thanks TIGI for another sweet night. Until next time…. Andy x

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