By Jove, remember this brooding pair? On a walk home one night I found this on the floor (see above pic). Mimi and I stumbled out of a Kebab shop and straight into the arms of “Girl I’m gonna miss you” vinyl by Grammy fraudsters MILLIE VANILLIE.

If you cannot recollect the story of how this double act managed to rise up and come crashing down, let me (and Wikipedia) enlighten you.

From 1988-1998 Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus (who once dubbed himself “the new Elvis) graced dance music decks with hit Albums such as “ALL OR NOTHING”

This braidy bunch were the darrhlings of the music scene. Alas behind all their fame and fortune lay one vital (Yet secret) ingredient. 5 ACTUALLY talented individuals.

Turns out the people behind the voices (Charles Shaw, John Davis, Adam Owem and twin sisters Jodie and Linda Rocco) had been told their “unmarketable image” would mean that two younger models/dancers (found in a nightclub in Munich) would be fronting their band.

Woah burn.

The story continues….

After Fabulous and Rob’s album had gone platinum cracks appeared. The first apparent sign the band had been lip-syncing was during a live performance on MTV. The backing track jammed…poor Fab and Rob didn’t realise, must have been the hair extensions, and carried on singing and grooving. But finally the penny dropped and the boys ran off stage.

Cor Blimey!

The real singers got insanely jealous of the attention and blabbed to the press. The cat was out of the bag!

And so we get to the center of the shrubbery maze, I needn’t say any more.

Who done it? No-one knows. Some blame backing signer Shaw, some blame manger Frank Farian.

I say bring back the cheekbones and pecs, lez have a reunion!

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