Just last week, Louie, Lucy and myself had the pleasure of welcoming Miss. Gizzi Erskine into the TIGI BED HEAD studio’s for a day’s photo-shooting!

For this very special occasion, I wanted to create a new version of Gizzi’s classic Beehive up-do. Think Brigitte Bardot, as a brunette!

Here’s what you’ll need for this gorgeous soft soufflé of a style!

  • Soft bristle hairbrush
  • Small dressing brush
  • Pintail comb
  • A selection of pins (open and closed)
  • 2 Hairbands (the bungee type in the picture are much easier if you can get hold of them)
  • Some synthetic hair padding in a suitable colour for your hair
  • Your trusty can of TIGI SUPERSTAR QUEEN FOR A DAY for thickening the hair
  • An enormous supply of TIGI HARD HEAD for fixing the doo in place
  • Curlers, you could use hot or cold rollers, or tongs (I forgot to photograph these!)


1. First make sure the hair is properly prepped, this style will not work on clean, silky hair. Spray some TIGI SUPERSTAR liberally onto clean damp hair and blow-dry in, it may feel sticky to start with, but this is good, as it’s adding texture! Use your soft bristle brush to help you with this. If your hair is a day or two dirty, add less TIGI SUPERSTAR, but still blowdry it in. You could also use some CANDY FIXATIONS SUGAR DUST on the roots to add volume and texture, if you’re hair is particularly fine or soft.

2. Get some movement in your hair; You can use whatever suits you best, but I prefer a curling Iron, you’ll want something with a relatively wide barrel, as we’re going for more of a soft wave, than a curl. Whatever you do don’t use a flat Iron, nobody should be using hair straighteners to curl or wave hair, it’s incredibly damaging. For first-timers and up-do novices, a set of hot rollers (look in your granny’s wardrobe) are often best. Here is me tonging Gizzi’s hair (assisted by the lovely Johnny – Thanks Johnny!)


3. Brust the hair through with your soft bristle brush, and separate the hair our into 3 sections. From ear to ear under the crown, and from ear to ear about 2″ in front of the crown. Pull the back section up and brush it into a high ponytail, your small dressing brush will help you here, use a little TIGI HARD HEAD sprayed directly onto the brush to catch any stray hairs, but remember this is a soft look, so it doesn’t need to be pulled to tight, and a few loose hairs will look just delicious. Secure the pony with a hairband.

4. Now brush the middle section into the ponytail, and secure that with an elastic also! remember not too tight, it’s a soft updo! Section the hair into a loop a clip away to make the next step easier

5. Secure your hair padding around the double pony and pin firmly into place. Using padding reduces the amount of backcombing, and makes this style a little kinder to you hair!

6. Backbomb the front sections lightly (not including the fringe if you have one) and smooth back,  wrap around the padded pony, and pin perfectly! Again, a spritz of HARD HEAD will be very useful here!

7. Unravel the remaining hair, separate off into small sections, backcomb a little and pin into place  try and keep going in the same direction so it looks neat!

8. I would blowdry your fringe around a brush to round it off if you have one, of you’re minus bangs, then you could create this style in exactly the same way, but perhaps take a side parting, and backcomb more generously for height!

Mist all over with TIGI HARD HEAD to keep it all in place, and Bob’s you’re uncle, your very own Gizzi updo!


Try it at home, and email any photo’s of you with a finished Gizzi up-do to with the subject heading ‘I’VE GOT A GIZZI UP-DO!’, I shall pick the best one, and send you a prize, in the form of some TIGI BED HEAD goodies to keep creating wonderful hair!

TTFN Sami xx



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