Having kept a close eye on Django Django’s rise to prominence, I was fortunate enough to have seen them play at Rough Trade East recently for the launch of their eponymous album.

Their live performance breathes vitality into their upbeat songs. Blending a heady mix of electro, blues, choral chants, tribal yelps and percussive beats the three front men rhythmically mix their instruments with a range of percussion that wouldn’t look out of place in a primary school music box.

An eclectically attired bunch, with one member wearing a sweatshirt and clear Perspex glasses, another a slim prison stripe shirt to the lead singer donning a colourful patterned shirt. But this mismatch of clothing, much like the music, was a broad brush stroke of styles that sat together perfectly.

With such energy and music their live show does little to damage the power of the album, which I predict will be slow grower throughout 2012, gathering fans much like a snowball on a hill. I for one know it’ll be blaring out of my speakers for some time to come.