XOYO was jam packed to the rafters for the long sold out London date of the (very) short UK Kindess tour. I, as much as anyone else there, was excited to see what Adam Bainbridge had to offer in the way of a live performance. Having listened to his debut album World, You Need A Change Of Mind the week before, I knew he had the songs to make this one funky show (apart from an appalling cover of ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ by Anita Dobson – you know, the Eastenders theme tune). This is the first we have heard of Bainbridge since he dropped a couple of singles back in 2009, but he was back to fill XOYO with his unusual style of electro funk-pop and there was a genuine sense of anticipation in the air.

Before Kindness even took to the stage, the support act Zdar had blown me away. Zdar is one half of the famous French house producers Cassius who have remixed the likes of Daft Punk and been sampled by Jay-Z and Kanye West on last years collaboration album Watch The Throne. He spun a whole bunch of obscure house and synth pop edits that had the whole crowd who had got down early moving and shaking, whilst as the same time seeing off a pack of Marlboros to the bouncers irritation.

It was pitch black when Adam Bainbridge and his cohorts made their way to the stage, which only served to add to the buzz. The lights went up and I can honestly say everyone danced continuously for the whole hour and a half set. Bainbridge’s music is so care free and accessible that anyone would have done the same; you just cannot help but smile and move.

Of course, covering enormously famous RnB tracks like Womack and Womack’s ‘Teardrops” is going to sweeten the pill and brush over some of the more mellow and tedious album fillers (like the Anita Dobson cover – why would you do that??).

A special mention must go to his two backing singers who both danced the night away with the crowd, Hercules & Love Affair style. I’m sure Kindness will be doing the festival rounds this summer so if you get a chance, I reckon it’s worth your time (if you have your dancing shoes).