Ey yup cockers were back th’up north for another update of whats brill and top in Manchester. For this update im looking and the wonderful work produced for the The Disco Cave, Which was a three hour performance at Kraak galleries. The performance was devised and performed by the Volkov Commanders (plus a few friends).

Nine restricted costumes were made especially for the event which created 9 characters sent from the future to party like it was 2099.  The event was strectched over a three hour period where surreal minimal music was played as the characters danced almost in sync restricted by there costumes as if they were in a ritual. The audience was almost invited to join in but you were always kept at arms length by the un earthly characters materializing and changing infront of you. Over all this was an experience not to be missed by a set of very exciting and talented artists and I would recommend catching them at there informal and experimental performances.