I recently caught Wu Lyf, a 4 piece from Manchester at Heaven in London.  Playing out their debut Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, they rattled through a superbly joyous and energetic set.

Lead singer Ellery Roberts, with his trademark vertiginous quiff, performed side on predominantly to the audience jerking and dancing around the space and at his keyboard reminiscent of the moves of a young Ian Curtis, his gravelly, husky voice chanting out to the packed house. With a light spectacular supporting their brand of heavy pop, the lads from north of the border whipped the crowd into a frenzy, exploring the highs and lows, quiet and loud within their set to devastating effect.

Their huge intense songs, particularly ‘Spitting Blood’ and ‘We Bros’ were hauntingly howled moments of emotive affecting brilliance. Throughout, the quintet seemed fully engaged and enjoying themselves, a joy to both watch and hear from an audience point of view. Before the end Roberts launched himself into the crowd and was surfed and cheered around the front of the thronging energetic mass. Following a return to stage, and as it was the last date of their English tour, there was a genuine cathartic atmosphere amongst audience and band alike, both of whom had been taken on an hour long journey. A journey I for one, hope long continues…