Eugene McGuinness cuts a fine figure of a man, tall handsome and quick witted he is a cool guy, a veritable music encyclopedia, you can sing him a song and hell tell you who sang it, what album it was on and when it was released and equally you can tell him a song and hell sing it to you, the most obscure music you could think of, I just cant catch him out!

You may have seen Eugene on tour playing with Miles Kane. Eugene has been signed to Domino records since 2007; he has released 2 albums to critical acclaim. But now in his mid 20s he is getting ready to release the much anticipated ‘The Invitation to the Voyage’ I’ve had a sneak preview and it is quite sparkingly brilliant. Eugene has a way with words, he is well… lyrically playful. ‘Invitation to the Voyage ‘ takes you on a journey in which you can wade through sounds and let your imagination take you to meet the lions, ventriloquists and watch skeletons dancing up on a xylophone.

When you read quotes about Eugene you come across sentences like these ‘one foot in the art house and another in the public house.’ and ‘ one of the most stylistically distinctive and uniquely insightful writers of the present day.’

Eugene cites the Beatles as his greatest musical influence as well as Iggy Pop and David Bowie.

I asked him about ‘The Invitation to the Voyage’
 “I wanted to make a modern pop record, something that would buzz out the stereo and sound like 2012, not an imitation of something old or familiar.”

Eugene met directors Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern otherwise known as ‘Thirty Two’ at university in Liverpool. Thirty Two directed the Arctic Monkeys web transmission ‘No Distance to Run’ the film docu about Blur and have more recently been working with Bjork and LCD Sound systems. Thirty Two direct all of Eugene’s videos, the most recent being ‘Shotgun’ featuring Eugene and Madleen Teetsov who could start a new dance craze all on her own.

I used ‘Qui etes vous Polly Magoo?’ as a monochromatic make up reference for Madleen a complete contrast to the ‘Lion’ video where I made her look as feral as I could. ‘Qui etes vous Polly Magoo?’ is a 1960s French surrealist film about the Parisian fashion scene. I used lots of lashes as they did in the 60s, Twiggy is said to have used 5 pairs at a time, I used 4. For a really 60s eye you should try Eylure’s Upper and lower lash duo pictured below.

Catch Eugene live….

The Invitation to the Voyage will be released on June 25th 2012, containing Lion and Shotgun