So often am I caught out in town in desperate need of a fast, delicious AND healthy lunch or snack. 42°RAW has come to the rescue with it’s canteen style approach to raw foodism.

Based in the back of the Royal Academy building on Burlington gardens, 42°RAW offers a varied, colourful and delicious menu of raw vegan treats and juices.

On my first visit, I plumped (as i’m sure most first timers do) for the tapas option, which is a trio of raw favourites including Avocado sandwich, Lasagne and Thai Noodles, i paired this with an obnoxiously healthy looking ‘London’ fruit juice (pineapple, basil, apple & carrot).

I’m glad to say I chose well, this was only my second foray into raw eating, a totally different experience to the first which was an over fussy,  pretentious and downright bland experience. This I am glad to say was an exciting combination of flavours and textures, and I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite of the three. All the ingredients were fresh, and most importantly ripe, for there is nothing worse than a soapy avocado, woody courgette or watery tomato. Most important of all it was really tasty.

I have to point out, although the food at 42° Raw is made without the use of sugar or dairy products, I didn’t miss either for a second. I also didn’t miss not having meat, it’s just the type of meal to make you feel better after some hard work, or perhaps too much indulgence, I left feeling rude with health, and all the happier for it.

A resounding success, I can’t wait to go again!