You may know Amy Lamé from the radio, or from off the telly, or perhaps you know her as host of Duckie,  Vauxhall clubnight extraordinaire.

You may however, not know her as a stage performer, but if not, you bally well should.


She warmed audiences across the country back in 2006 with her heartfelt melange of Mama Cass, family issues, and plus size princesses with her show ‘Amy Lamé’s Mama Cass Family Singers’, and has returned to the performance world with her latest ‘Unhappy Birthday’.

A ticket to Unhappy Birthday is an exclusive ticket to Amy’s birthday party, where there is a seat saved for legend to the lonely Morrissey, and what a party it turns out to be. Set to a backing track of Morrissey classics, punctuated with a game of pass the parcel the show is a trip through the ego of Amy’s upbringing, self discovery, teen angst and of course her obsession with Morrissey.

Be warned, you may get messy, as this performance has been directed by performance legend Scottee, a well suited collaborative addition to Amy’s style. If you’re a Scottee fan you’ll be able to see his sticky fingered touches scattered throughout the production, to great aplomb.

Amy shone through this performance, her candour was touching, and her comedy was creative. Emotionally, and sometimes physically taking you down a road that showed just how hard it can be to be different. Minimal staging was used to great effect with the addition of a basket full of party supplies, props and a large birthday cake.

I was lucky enough to score a ticket for the penultimate performance in London just before she sped up to Moz homeland Manchester to begin a UK wide tour, details of which can be found on the Unhappy Birthday website

This is the kind of show, that with a good friend or two, and a glass of wine or two will make an ordinary evening into something extraordinary, and definitely something to tell your friends all about. Go and see it.

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