Have you ever wondered how the Queen does her hair? If she has a perm? Does she sleep in rollers? I certainly do! What I wonder most, is how Her Majesty gets the volume  for that bouffant of hers, and i’ve come to the conclusion she must be using TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray. Which just happens to be my current favourite TIGI product.

I’ve always been a mousse fan, it’s the perfect prep product for big hair, it’ll give you lift at the roots, and body in the mid-lengths and ends, it also holds a style in whether it’s a set, or a blowdry, best of all it gives the hair plenty of texture to make it easier to backcomb, the more silky and backcomb resistant, the more mousse you use! Queen For a Day Thickening Spray has all of this, in an easier application  with a wonderful smell. Spray it on wet or dry hair, to key your locks for your style, use as much or as little as you like to give your hair the oomph it needs. It also layers up beautifully, you could add more every day and never feel like it was building up like a mousse or a gel sometimes can.

Once you’ve finished your style, try tipping your head upside down and misting a little more Queen For a Day into the ends and giving it a shake, it’ll add even more tousled texture to your regal barnet.

I’ve added a couple of snaps from fellow StreetSquad’er Louie Banks of some hair I did on one of his shoots, It was very much a Queen for a day kind of affair. I think I used almost a whole can!

Makeup for this day was provided by Monarch of the Maquillage Lucy Wearing. She’s the best in town!