AfRo Hair & Beauty LIVE is always something I look forward to, and this year, I had the pleasure of going with my good friend and Make Up artist Bea Sweet!


(Me & Bea at the show!)

The show was oddly enough scheduled smack bang in the middle of the Jubilee weekend, and was a world away from the river flotillas and street parties going on all around it in Islington.

As with all hair trade shows, AH&B is a way for all the major brands associated with Afro hair and beauty to come and showcase all their new products and services to professionals as well as the public.

Highlights for me this year was the launch of “Miss Jessies” products a range i was familiar with from spending time in the US, made especially for girls (and guys) with very curly, and afro textured hair, the products are pretty impressive, and the demonstrations were thoroughly informative!


Another innovative item was the “Edgestick” a small straightening iron made especially for those that have had their hair relaxed, a Brazillian Blowdry or even a regular blowdry and your roots have gone frizzy, or it’s grown out. This tool has been designed to get right in close to the roots to pull them straight without burning the scalp, something that is difficult to do with a pair of full sized Irons. It’s shape also means you can add maximum root volume by inserting near the scalp and lifting the roots up and out in a curved motion!


I really thought this newfangled tool was a real winner. A must for every session stylist, as well as any curly top who wants to prolong their smooth locks!

There were plenty of other exhibitors to keep myself and Bea occupied, including a demonstration of a new hair extension product called “Bump it” from Sensationnel by World Renowned Afro hair artist Angela Plummer, and a great showcase on styling lace front wigs over at the “Sleek” stall.

Well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in Afro Hair and Beauty, and roll on next year!


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