On Wednesday night I went to ‘HIT THE PAVEMENT’ a MAC event, it was held in the now redundant Shoreditch station off of Brick lane.  There was an abundance of street food and dangerously delicious margaritas, but most of all there was body painting.

When I was at art school I was into live installations, I wanted to paint naked people like Yayoi Kusama.  That’s how I ended up studying make up at LCF.  Body painting goes in and out of fashion, it might make you think of page 3 girls with England football kits painted on their breasts or the Goyte video for ‘Somebody that I used to know’.  The point is that body painting can look rather old fashioned and I am schooled in it, I love it.  I used to dance and parade about wonderful parties body painted as a turquoise cyber 60’s dolly bird with a UV butterfly on my chest and bubbles climbing my legs. When I left college Tatler painted my bottom in Andy Warhol colours for a diamond encrusted watch advertorial.

On Wed night MAC created a rather  wonderful instillation, street performer characters in situ wearing painted clothes which adds a twist to the last MAC body painting event I went too where models didn’t even have a cotton thong to hide their modesty and all sorts was on display.  Which was fun and full of surprises.

This show reminded me somewhat of the Sensation exhibition in parts, especially the 2 American tourists totally dipped in pink and the man catching rays.  There were greek statues leaning delicately against a giant urn and bronze statues on a bench.  A roller girl – you’ve gotta love a roller girl and last but not least a man painted white with his kegs down reading a book on the toilet. That man turned out to be a friend of mine Daniel Dewhirst which was quite  shock to both of us!

The body painting was beautiful I especially loved the pigmented highlights on the bronze bench men, a great concept, great atmosphere and we all thoroughly enjoyed it and quite possibly had one too many margaritas, well, margaritas have two shots of tequila in them…..who knew?