Posted by Sami on 24/09/12

A day off is a very rare thing, and I wanted to make mine extra special this week, so I decided to head on up to the Harry Potter, Warner Brothers’ Studio Tour in Watford!! I was a fan of the books, and loved the films. I was really excited!

Once in Watford (only 20 mins from London Euston) you climb aboard the Harry Potter coach, which takes you straight to the studios.


There’s a small queue before you head into a large screening room, and you’re introduced to the studios by familiar faces from the films. Then in a flash the screen disappears, and you’re standing before the door to the Hogwarts great hall, you go through as a group, and there you are, on the set! It’s much smaller than if looks in the films, but every detail is there! I made sure I got one of the digital audio guides, and then whole studios are linked by a numbered tour, I would really recommend getting one of these if you go. It really gives you hours more information than you could ever get from the very detailed placards all ove the studio.

After the great hall, you walk through various scenes from the films There’s the Gryffindor common room, the potions classroom, Dumbledore’s Office, and then cases filled with hundreds of intricately designed props and costumes. One of the most interesting sections was the special effects section, it had several examples of how those amazing effects were created, along with very in depth films fro the film’s producers.


Some of my favourite parts of the exhibit, was the Wig department for obvious reasons, and then the office of Professor Umbridge, you’ll remember her as the sweetly evil, ministry of magic representative, played by Imelda Staunton. It as such a beautiful set. I’d love to have something similar for my front room, or it would make an incredible Salon!

The pièce de résistance was the scale model of Hogwarts, that was used throughout all the films when they were panning across, or flying in over the school. A truly breathtaking sight, it was VAST, and had such beautiful detail, you really felt like you could live inside!Image

Last up was the really incredible gift shop, filled with everything Harry Potter, you can even buy a replica of each characters wand, in a beautiful box, fresh out of Olivander’s.

A fantastic day out for all ages, as long as they’re harry potter fans!