So I was invited to go and hang out with the Scissor Sisters at their show the other night in Camden, and of course I jumped at the offer as I am and always have been a fan of the camp, outgoing and over all fab New York based group, and had not seen them live since ten years ago when I was a mere 11 year old uberfan, when they played in my hometown Brighton.

I arrived at the familiar, classic venue that is the Roundhouse with my friend Roberto Piqueras (an awsesome designer, check him out!!) and found myself in instant nostalgia and was taken back to the excitement of ten years prior. A trip down memory lane to me jumping around topless in a pink cowboy hat with my older sister who I was forced to take so I would have somebody to watch over me.

The show was just as good, if not better than the one in Brighton, and the after party topped off the night sweetly…

‘Me, Roberto and the kind, fun lady that is Miss Anna Matronic’

So when invited back the next night I didn’t even consider not going to see the same show twice.

This time I took a wonderful friend of mine Alexandra Moon-Age (a fantastic stylist, check her out also!!), and was sporting a new hair colour and cut thanks to the wonderful team at TIGI.

Expecting the show to be the same as the night before, I was blown away to find a completely different show, this time an insane amount of energy throughout the crowd, more performance, more songs and a mind blowing ending… I did not regret coming back in the slightest, and the after party’s that followed this night where even more eventful than the one before.

“Alexandra, Me and the ever so handsome Jake Shears”

Oh what a wonderful Kiki!!