Posted by Sami on 31/10/12

As i’ve said time and time again any good hair style starts with good prep, and good prep always begins with good shampoo and conditioner.

Well! Good news for all of us style junkies, as BED HEAD have come up with 2 brand spanking new sets of S&C to make life all the more easier and sweet smelling. Image

First up is the pulsatingly pink RECHARGE, a soapy set ideal for those of us that have a serious addiction to product, and partying. This combo is essentially a clarifying treat for your hair. It will wash out any grease, grime or product build up, and then condition to leave soft lustrous hair that shines like a diamond geezer.

In the green corner we’ve another punchy pairing, this time, the perfect salve for anyone who’s a big tease, backcombing that is…. Unfortunate as it may seem, backcombing and intensive styling are not great for you hair, and you ideally need something to give it strength from within, to stop breakage, and snapping. ELASTICATE is just the stuff, packed to the tippity top with proteins and sweet almond oil it’s the equivalent of performance enhancing pills for your pouffed up pompadour. Get in there, get it clean, and get it conditioned, so you can keep on styling like a pro, without the worry of waking up the next morning with broken strands and split ends.

As with all BEDHEAD prdoducts they smell delicious like Orange, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla. A right fruity punch in the nostrils.

I’ve been using both sets on both myself, and my clients ever since the launch last week, and we love them, so get down to your TIGI salon, and do your hair a favour.