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I’m an avid Bond fan, alway have been, always will be. With every new bond there’s an excitement and a fear beyond a child’s at Christmas.

I’m not blinkered in my adulation, I know there are better films and those that lack the panache that has made Bond the worlds longest/most succesful movie franchise ever. I surely know some Bond actors are better than others. Upon recent watching of older Bonds I find some of Roger Moores fashion choices more than dubious.

With the ‘new’ Bond films, they’ve been a far departure from any type of other bonds, brutal brilliant action films but for my money, missing some of the charm and Britishness that made me such a fan originally.

Many said Skyfall was the best ever, and I wondered whether it was sensationalised hype. After seeing it, it’s bloody brilliant. With all the brutality and incredible action scenes of recent films and the debonair charm and reemergence of classic Bond touches from earlier classics. Javier Bardem puts in an incredible turn as arguably the scariest, most psychotic unnerving Bond villain ever. Q makes a long awaited return in the form of the spry young Ben Whishaw who’s performance contains sharp nous and an authoritative air needed to run operations in MI6. The whole cast is stellar with Dame Judi Dench, as ever, in brilliant form, Albert Finney in a nearly show stealing cameo turn and Ralph Fiennes as the red tape waving Goverment official, Gavin Mallory. Even Moneypenny makes a comeback after quite the hiatus.

It’s easy to tell director Sam Mendes and his team are also fans of Bond films past and present for the re-introduction of all these quintessentially Bond trademarks, even Connerys Aston Martin DB5 makes an appearance.

The script is fantastic and razor sharp with wit, threats and sharp retorts prevalent throughout. Even the opening credits and theme song from Adele are a piece of art in themselves.

The thing that will effect most fans is the relationship between Bond and M, almost mother in the know and surly child, which will strike a chord with all family members and the fact that its London and MI6 that’s under siege. Bardem’s Silva is attacking Bond and Britain at its very heart, seeking to destroy M and MI6 on a personal vengeance mission, and thus making it personal to Bond.

It’s all those personal aspects that raise the stakes throughout the film, it’s not just a mission, it’s more. It’s deeper than Queen and country, especially when the Bond family home comes under siege in a climatic end to Bond 23.

Whether is the best Bond ever is hard to say but it’s certainly up there and it’s reignited my passion for Bond more than I thought is could. A perfect cocktail of action and heart, James Bond is back, shaken to its very best.


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