Posted by Stevie on 14/11/12

In a smokey dark room in East London two women I’ve been wanting to see live for a while and one of my firm ones to watch for next year, take to the stage. Saint Lou Lou are an epic pop duo who happen to be half Swedish, half Australian sisters. And both are stunning. Beyond stunning. Like totally amazing. However, I shan’t dwell on this point (too much), back to the gig. (Which is surprisingly predominately full of males for a female pop duo… Hmmm)

With ambient lighting and a male guitarist and drummer, they tear into their set. Open expansive tracks, driving verses and big soaring choruses make SLL very easy on the ear as well as the eye.

Having only so far heard their debut single “Maybe You”, their opening two tracks have more tempo and beat to them. Harmonies flow over the ethereal electronic sound of SLL throughout their set. All the set has more drive than ‘Maybe You’ which means we’ve far from seen all they have to offer. I for one an very much looking forward to further releases.

Throughout they flirt sweetly with the crowd, commenting on the heat in the Dalston basement “though I won’t remove all my clothes. Maybe next year.” They’re relaxed and accomplished inviting you into their world.

Skylights is the closing track to the short set, and what a great track with choral harmonies and a big hook, this could be a hit. When they release it could prove crucial, it’s clear to see why they’ve sat on this one at this early stage. The chorus is an addictive anthem of “we gotta keep on moving on, we’ve gotta keep on to stay strong”. As they finish to rapturous applause they curtsy and smile sweetly thanking the audience for their time.

With such a big bold accomplished sound so early in their career I’d think these two could be onto something stunning of their own.