Posted by Lucy on 26/11/12
So something or rather someone remarkable can come out of a reality TV show.

Earlier on in the month I was booked to work with Matt Corby. I had never heard of Matt Corby and after some googling I learn’t from Wikipedia that he had come 2nd in Australian Idol at the age of 16 and since had been signed by Ben Lovett to Mumford and Sons label Communion then he went and played in peoples gardens blah blah end of.

And then I met him… Sitting in the garden of the Shipmasters house in Deptford next to the Thames, we drank coffee and nattered over roll ups in the last of the Summer sun. Talking to Matt is like talking my friends, to the troubadours of London’s music scene that make musical pilgrimages  with guitars strapped to their backs, its like having a beer with George Frakes, JD Smith or Danni Razza at the Agile Rabbit in Brixton.

Matt told me about living on his own on a farm or was it a ranch in Australia with a bow and arrow to keep deadly snakes away. He explained how the music industry initially wasn’t exactly what he had imagined and of his return to normality turning his back on London and returning to Oz to work in a coffee shop. He began playing intimate acoustic shows in peoples back gardens which led to his eventual return to our shores.

Then I sat and watched and listened to the live performance. Speechless.

In his early 20s Matt comes across as ageless, he is great company and has an old wise head which is evident in his beautifully penned  honest raw lyrics. His vocals are evocative and  captivating I’d go as far as to say that they will literally stop you in your tracks. He’s been compared to Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. He has a vast range and travels from soprano/verbratto to deep tenor with a flutter of an eyelash and….. I    am    hooked.

So here’s the performance, beautifully filmed by The Blind Club. I must also mention the drums, genius drumming by Chris Mass who I am pretty sure fronted a Levi campaign once upon a time.

So good luck Matt I reckon you’re gonna sell a heap load more records and break alot of hearts.

Thanks always to Dan Curwin 😉

Lucy x

(oo and P.S I used Bed Head Sugar Dust in Matt’s tangled sunned locks)

Check out more about Matt here