Posted by Stevie on 10/12/12


Berlin based Big Skies played their debut London gig to a packed out Macbeth, filled with musos, industry insiders and other bands, which always suggests someone knows something. From their opening track they impressed. Tight, energetic and defined, the four piece form a great unit.

90s inspired sound rolls out from the 4 piece. Front man Jim Cubitt sings from beneath a mass of hair with optimistic lyrics “We look to the future there’s a light at the end” sewn together with open melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.

The band are grateful for the turn out with Cubitt charming in his interaction and a cheeky glint in his eye, it’s very easy to warm to his personality as much as their sound.

Similar to Peace and Swim Deep, Big Skies champion a sound that’s been missing for a long time on the music scene, but playing it to a fan base who grew up on it and fondly remember those bands of the 90s who originally pioneered the sound.

The sound evokes nostalgia both in their tracks and the similarity to an adolescence filled with Pearl Jam. All alluded to in the title of their first release “Back To The One We Knew”.

Big Skies, having had marked success in Berlin could emulate the feat on their home shores as leaders in this popular new sound. Lets hope they return sooner rather than later and continue their progress in London to match their success in the German capital. Whether here or abroad be sure to keep your eyes on Big Skies.