SAMI – Amelia Lily, Shut Up (and give me…) ‘How to’

With the release of the lovely Amelia Lily’s second single ‘Shut Up (and give me whatever you’ve got)’ I’ve decided to give you a special ‘How to’ treat for the hair in the music video.

For this video we had two looks, one that was a bit more wet look, and the second a little softer…also you may notice pinker!

So first the wet look;

I gave Amelia’s hair a really good wash and condition with the Urban Antidotes ‘Resurrection’ range, (the ones in the red bottles!) it’s really perfect if you colour your hair, or like to style it a lot, as it’s very nourishing.

I half dried her hair, and applied some Bedhead Sculpting Liquid from the mid lengths to the tips, and then added on top of this some Bedhead Foxy Curls mousse from the roots all the way through.

Using a wide toothed comb, I combed the products through and positioned her parting to one side. Next using my hairdryer, and diffuser I dried the hair, paying attention to the shape I was making. It’s quite a slow way to dry hair, as the air should be quite cool, but this means you’ve got plenty of time to shape your hair to exactly how you want it to look. Smooth the hair in your fingers as you go, and don’t worry that your hair separates into strands, that’s the wet look you’re after! I find swishing the hair about while drying, getting some air, and volume into it is a good tip also.


SAMI copy

For the second look, I wanted to take advantage of the product i’d already worked into Amelia’s hair, so I simply brushed it out with a soft bristle brush, starting at  the ends and working my way up. We added a small amount of colour here too using a spray in, wash out pink hair powder. You can find a similar pink (or any colour) hairspray at Boots, I find the best way to use it, is to spray it onto the bristles of your brush, and brush it onto the dry hair, instant colour flash, or allover mini colourchange!

I finished the look off using a wide barrelled tong, grabbing sections, and twisting them round to make it a bit more glam. Try and make all the sections go in different directions to create Amelia’s signature tousled look. Finish off with Bedhead Masterpiece hairspray to hold the style, and add a little shine…and don’t forget to buy a copy of Amelia’s new single!!!