HARRIET – For Agua-ired taste

As mornings generally do, this one started with good intentions. I had intended to arrive on time to The Sanderson Hotel; I hadn’t intended to fall madly in love with my 84 year old cab driver (one of those proper East-End old boys who tell you their misses is the most important woman after their mum and raucous stories given in high doses). I get side-tracked easily, as I am now, and so did the cabbie.  Running straight to the lift, simultaneously Swarovski crystals off the floor that were raining from my shoes, I heard the PING! and walked in.

Fell in.

I fell through the lift doors like one would if the lift had no bottom to it. You know when you miss a step running down the stairs and for a split second you see your whole life in front of you, have a minor heart attack all the while thinking;  “how the fuck am I going to make this look like I did it on purpose”? All of those emotions and more sped through me when greeted by the holographic galaxy lift.

 I know it sounds like I’m over-reacting; Of course I am! It’s a lift! But that momentary feeling of elated madness followed me till the moment I lay down on the heated waterbed. Awe, I think one is supposed to call it.

SO the lift doors open, I’m greeted by blinding white. White silk and whispering voices. A labyrinth of 50 foot ivory silk curtains hang from the ceilings, creating a purified version of a clear mind. Heaven? No thanks.  Far more exciting, more like divine intervention. The interiors were of the “ I can definitely cross my legs and have my feet on the sofa” vibe, all the while you know your being submerged in sumptuousness by The Sanderson. The aesthetic, I’m told, has not been changed in 13 years since it’s opening, merely touched up and restored.


The Agua Spa At The Sanderson. “Brainchild of Norona Schrager and Leila Fazel” , both former dancers. It’s described by the hotel as an “urban spa” designed by long term collaborator of Ian Schrager, Mr Phillipe Starck. Phillipe being the  orchestrator of the marble mosaic floors and luminescent maze.

Agua Sanderson - Changing Room            Agua Sanderson - Waiting Area

There was even a point, after being shown where my dressing room was (art deco mirrored lockers, powder table , large armchair) , that my hat, yes my hat was offered it own room and taken away.

 Hats off to that.

 My facial begins with a consultation, after which hot paraffin liquid was brushed onto my skin, forming a kind of warm, waxy peel mask. After which, and I swear I slightly envied my therapist at this point, I was “extracted”. In crude terms that be spot picking. Can you imagine how satisfying that was?

 My skin was, and a week later, still is reflecting light (almost).  Tranquillity in the bustle of my darling, grey London does not come better than this…(and I haven’t even touched on the food!)

Harriet visited agua Spa at Sanderson for The Eve Lom Ultimate Cleanse.

agua Spa at Sanderson
1st Floor, 50 Berners Street
London W1T 3NG
PHONE: +44 0 20 7300 1417