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Celebrating all things porcine this Christmas PIGMEE invites YOU to their first ever X-mas Party at Hysteria Daslton, 13.12.12.

Free Entry, Spiced Punch and 2 floors of hell raising, nose twitching, bum clenching music.

From ate till late.








Here’s the Facebook Event Page

See you all there piggies!

Harriet x



Posted by Lucy on 26/11/12
So something or rather someone remarkable can come out of a reality TV show.

Earlier on in the month I was booked to work with Matt Corby. I had never heard of Matt Corby and after some googling I learn’t from Wikipedia that he had come 2nd in Australian Idol at the age of 16 and since had been signed by Ben Lovett to Mumford and Sons label Communion then he went and played in peoples gardens blah blah end of.

And then I met him… Sitting in the garden of the Shipmasters house in Deptford next to the Thames, we drank coffee and nattered over roll ups in the last of the Summer sun. Talking to Matt is like talking my friends, to the troubadours of London’s music scene that make musical pilgrimages  with guitars strapped to their backs, its like having a beer with George Frakes, JD Smith or Danni Razza at the Agile Rabbit in Brixton.

Matt told me about living on his own on a farm or was it a ranch in Australia with a bow and arrow to keep deadly snakes away. He explained how the music industry initially wasn’t exactly what he had imagined and of his return to normality turning his back on London and returning to Oz to work in a coffee shop. He began playing intimate acoustic shows in peoples back gardens which led to his eventual return to our shores.

Then I sat and watched and listened to the live performance. Speechless.

In his early 20s Matt comes across as ageless, he is great company and has an old wise head which is evident in his beautifully penned  honest raw lyrics. His vocals are evocative and  captivating I’d go as far as to say that they will literally stop you in your tracks. He’s been compared to Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. He has a vast range and travels from soprano/verbratto to deep tenor with a flutter of an eyelash and….. I    am    hooked.

So here’s the performance, beautifully filmed by The Blind Club. I must also mention the drums, genius drumming by Chris Mass who I am pretty sure fronted a Levi campaign once upon a time.

So good luck Matt I reckon you’re gonna sell a heap load more records and break alot of hearts.

Thanks always to Dan Curwin 😉

Lucy x

(oo and P.S I used Bed Head Sugar Dust in Matt’s tangled sunned locks)

Check out more about Matt here


Posted by Stevie on 14/11/12

In a smokey dark room in East London two women I’ve been wanting to see live for a while and one of my firm ones to watch for next year, take to the stage. Saint Lou Lou are an epic pop duo who happen to be half Swedish, half Australian sisters. And both are stunning. Beyond stunning. Like totally amazing. However, I shan’t dwell on this point (too much), back to the gig. (Which is surprisingly predominately full of males for a female pop duo… Hmmm)

With ambient lighting and a male guitarist and drummer, they tear into their set. Open expansive tracks, driving verses and big soaring choruses make SLL very easy on the ear as well as the eye.

Having only so far heard their debut single “Maybe You”, their opening two tracks have more tempo and beat to them. Harmonies flow over the ethereal electronic sound of SLL throughout their set. All the set has more drive than ‘Maybe You’ which means we’ve far from seen all they have to offer. I for one an very much looking forward to further releases.

Throughout they flirt sweetly with the crowd, commenting on the heat in the Dalston basement “though I won’t remove all my clothes. Maybe next year.” They’re relaxed and accomplished inviting you into their world.

Skylights is the closing track to the short set, and what a great track with choral harmonies and a big hook, this could be a hit. When they release it could prove crucial, it’s clear to see why they’ve sat on this one at this early stage. The chorus is an addictive anthem of “we gotta keep on moving on, we’ve gotta keep on to stay strong”. As they finish to rapturous applause they curtsy and smile sweetly thanking the audience for their time.

With such a big bold accomplished sound so early in their career I’d think these two could be onto something stunning of their own.


Posted by Andy on 09/11/12
As music journalists are delving back into all their favourite releases of 2012 to compile the annual end of year lists, I am going to take a brief look forward to tell you what new delights there are on the horizon.

If you managed go catch Later… With Jools Holland at 10pm on BBC2 last night, you would have been lucky enough to see the stunning Tennessee born Valerie June performing the first single from her debut album, out sometime early next year. Her unique voice and stripped back, intricate acoustic guitar performance was reminiscent of Adele’s first performance on Jools Holland before 19 came out. A big talent, with a big smile and detailed lyrical story telling, Valerie June is definitely one to watch out for in 2013.

Next up is Night Works; the solo alias from a Metronomy affiliated musician. He had steadily released a number of killer singles and played his first eve live show on Halloween, appropriately titled Fright Works. Check I out.

My final tip for 2013 fame is Norwegian Starlet . With only two tracks to her name in YouTube there isn’t much to go on, but with a Sony deal in Scandinavia there will be a lot more details to follow shortly


Posted by Stevie on 31/10/12

I’m an avid Bond fan, alway have been, always will be. With every new bond there’s an excitement and a fear beyond a child’s at Christmas.

I’m not blinkered in my adulation, I know there are better films and those that lack the panache that has made Bond the worlds longest/most succesful movie franchise ever. I surely know some Bond actors are better than others. Upon recent watching of older Bonds I find some of Roger Moores fashion choices more than dubious.

With the ‘new’ Bond films, they’ve been a far departure from any type of other bonds, brutal brilliant action films but for my money, missing some of the charm and Britishness that made me such a fan originally.

Many said Skyfall was the best ever, and I wondered whether it was sensationalised hype. After seeing it, it’s bloody brilliant. With all the brutality and incredible action scenes of recent films and the debonair charm and reemergence of classic Bond touches from earlier classics. Javier Bardem puts in an incredible turn as arguably the scariest, most psychotic unnerving Bond villain ever. Q makes a long awaited return in the form of the spry young Ben Whishaw who’s performance contains sharp nous and an authoritative air needed to run operations in MI6. The whole cast is stellar with Dame Judi Dench, as ever, in brilliant form, Albert Finney in a nearly show stealing cameo turn and Ralph Fiennes as the red tape waving Goverment official, Gavin Mallory. Even Moneypenny makes a comeback after quite the hiatus.

It’s easy to tell director Sam Mendes and his team are also fans of Bond films past and present for the re-introduction of all these quintessentially Bond trademarks, even Connerys Aston Martin DB5 makes an appearance.

The script is fantastic and razor sharp with wit, threats and sharp retorts prevalent throughout. Even the opening credits and theme song from Adele are a piece of art in themselves.

The thing that will effect most fans is the relationship between Bond and M, almost mother in the know and surly child, which will strike a chord with all family members and the fact that its London and MI6 that’s under siege. Bardem’s Silva is attacking Bond and Britain at its very heart, seeking to destroy M and MI6 on a personal vengeance mission, and thus making it personal to Bond.

It’s all those personal aspects that raise the stakes throughout the film, it’s not just a mission, it’s more. It’s deeper than Queen and country, especially when the Bond family home comes under siege in a climatic end to Bond 23.

Whether is the best Bond ever is hard to say but it’s certainly up there and it’s reignited my passion for Bond more than I thought is could. A perfect cocktail of action and heart, James Bond is back, shaken to its very best.


So I was invited to go and hang out with the Scissor Sisters at their show the other night in Camden, and of course I jumped at the offer as I am and always have been a fan of the camp, outgoing and over all fab New York based group, and had not seen them live since ten years ago when I was a mere 11 year old uberfan, when they played in my hometown Brighton.

I arrived at the familiar, classic venue that is the Roundhouse with my friend Roberto Piqueras (an awsesome designer, check him out!!) and found myself in instant nostalgia and was taken back to the excitement of ten years prior. A trip down memory lane to me jumping around topless in a pink cowboy hat with my older sister who I was forced to take so I would have somebody to watch over me.

The show was just as good, if not better than the one in Brighton, and the after party topped off the night sweetly…

‘Me, Roberto and the kind, fun lady that is Miss Anna Matronic’

So when invited back the next night I didn’t even consider not going to see the same show twice.

This time I took a wonderful friend of mine Alexandra Moon-Age (a fantastic stylist, check her out also!!), and was sporting a new hair colour and cut thanks to the wonderful team at TIGI.

Expecting the show to be the same as the night before, I was blown away to find a completely different show, this time an insane amount of energy throughout the crowd, more performance, more songs and a mind blowing ending… I did not regret coming back in the slightest, and the after party’s that followed this night where even more eventful than the one before.

“Alexandra, Me and the ever so handsome Jake Shears”

Oh what a wonderful Kiki!!



Posted by Andy on 10/10/12

The Berlin-based Norwegian four-piece The Whitest Boy Alive have been pretty quiet for the past couple of years since the release of their second studio album Rules in 2009. With their infectious blend of indie-electro, fronted by Erlend Øye of Kings Of Convenience, who is certainly one of the most charismatic and likeable personalities from the Scandinavian scene, The Whitest Boy Alive stand the test of time. Their debut full-length Dreams, released in 2006, is one of my favourite albums of the last decade and Rules isn’t to far behind either. And by my calculations, 2012 will probably see the release of their third. The clues being a one off live show at The Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle, which I was fortunate enough to attend, and that Rules was released three years after Dreams. 2012 is another three years (can you believe it?) ergo, another album.

More proof as to get excited for another The Whitest Boy Alive album? The unveiling of three new tracks during their near two hour performance to the packed Coronet crowd. All three were more tropical then their pervious efforts, but no less enjoyable for it. You can hear one of the tracks filmed from an earlier show, titled ‘Upside Down’. These tracks were scattered in amongst their previous hits, such ‘Golden Cage’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Keep A Secret’, ‘Timebomb’, ‘1517’ and crowd favourite ‘Burning’. But Erlend’s stage presence, crowd interaction and sense of humour makes the band’s live show just that more enjoyable. For instance, he somehow managed to loose his shoes on the motorway from the airport on the way to the show and was therefore forced to wear the free slippers from the hotel they were staying in. This strange but quirky interaction with the crowd, along with his frequents quips after each song, certainly made the large theatre seem far more intimate and the show was all the better for it. They also played a cover of R Kelly’s ‘Ignition’, which you can watch a video of here and Max Romeo & The Upsetters’ ‘I Chase The Devil’.

It was an enjoyable experience, slightly offset by the fact that they will not be gracing the UK’s shores until 2013. But that new album is something to look forward to, right?