SAMI – Matilda the Musical!

Last week, I has the pleasure of having family stay from abroad. I took them to see the new(ish) musical ‘Matilda’, with Music and Lyrics by Antipodean stand up comic Tim Minchin, and book by Dennis Kelly, based on the book by Roald Dahl of the same name.I’ve read so many wonderful things written about the show, and I had been looking forward to seeing it for some time, and it was truly wonderful. The whole of the Cambridge theatre has the air of the children’s section at your local library, even the ushers seem to be extra specially friendly for this production. The set was gloriously framed in blues, and giant scrabble letters spelling out some of the words one assumes Miss. Honey was teaching at school that day. 


If you’ve seen the film, don’t expect a copycat. This production is much more loyal to the original Roald Dahl book. Produced by the RSC, I don’t think i’d have expected anything less. The cast were all magnificent, with special mention going to all the children, I found myself many times thinking, “Where on earth did they find these wonderful kids!” they really brought the whole show to life. Another special mention must go to David Leonard, who made every second on stage count in his portrayal of meanie Miss Trunchbull. Having to follow in the rather large, (and now broadway treading) footsteps of Bertie Carvel he really takes this role, and makes it his own, Or should I say her own. 

photo (1)                   trunch

The score for the show is astoundingly good, I’m an on/off fan of Tim Minchin’s standup, and really think a lot of his ‘ditties’ are hit or miss, but for this he’s really pulled out all the stops, and each song gets an A+ from me. So good in fact, as soon as I got home, I downloaded the soundtrack, to add to my burgeoning collection!I would recommend seeing this at any age, the jokes are appropriate and funny for old and young alike, and without sounding too cliché it really is a feel good show. Take your Mum, take your kids, or take your hard to please boyfriend, but please, take someone and go!


SAMI – Amelia Lily, Shut Up (and give me…) ‘How to’

With the release of the lovely Amelia Lily’s second single ‘Shut Up (and give me whatever you’ve got)’ I’ve decided to give you a special ‘How to’ treat for the hair in the music video.

For this video we had two looks, one that was a bit more wet look, and the second a little softer…also you may notice pinker!

So first the wet look;

I gave Amelia’s hair a really good wash and condition with the Urban Antidotes ‘Resurrection’ range, (the ones in the red bottles!) it’s really perfect if you colour your hair, or like to style it a lot, as it’s very nourishing.

I half dried her hair, and applied some Bedhead Sculpting Liquid from the mid lengths to the tips, and then added on top of this some Bedhead Foxy Curls mousse from the roots all the way through.

Using a wide toothed comb, I combed the products through and positioned her parting to one side. Next using my hairdryer, and diffuser I dried the hair, paying attention to the shape I was making. It’s quite a slow way to dry hair, as the air should be quite cool, but this means you’ve got plenty of time to shape your hair to exactly how you want it to look. Smooth the hair in your fingers as you go, and don’t worry that your hair separates into strands, that’s the wet look you’re after! I find swishing the hair about while drying, getting some air, and volume into it is a good tip also.


SAMI copy

For the second look, I wanted to take advantage of the product i’d already worked into Amelia’s hair, so I simply brushed it out with a soft bristle brush, starting at  the ends and working my way up. We added a small amount of colour here too using a spray in, wash out pink hair powder. You can find a similar pink (or any colour) hairspray at Boots, I find the best way to use it, is to spray it onto the bristles of your brush, and brush it onto the dry hair, instant colour flash, or allover mini colourchange!

I finished the look off using a wide barrelled tong, grabbing sections, and twisting them round to make it a bit more glam. Try and make all the sections go in different directions to create Amelia’s signature tousled look. Finish off with Bedhead Masterpiece hairspray to hold the style, and add a little shine…and don’t forget to buy a copy of Amelia’s new single!!!


Sami: Hangover Hair.


Christmas is most definitely upon us, I have not had one party-free night this week, and my poor hair has been surviving on dry shampoo, and champagne fumes. 

TIGI to the rescue, with a somewhat overlooked Bedhead favourite, After-Party. 

ImageThis silky, shimmering smoothing creme is EXACTLY the answer to your post party mop, it conditions, and adds shine, creating a gorgeous lived in barnet, ready for another night of riotous fun. There is such a danger when using dry shampoo, to go overboard, and make your hair a little too matte, After-Party blends beautifully here, and works in harmony with your powdered pouffe to replace the shine, and managability without adding the greasy roots back in. 

Trust me on this one, get yourself a bottle, and smooth some salve on your locks, till boxing day, and then start up again on New Years Eve! 

Currently still available with Limited Edition packaging by fellow Streesquad blogger Nick!


Sami: Shrek the Musical – With special guest!

Just last week, I was invited to attend a very special performance of ‘Shrek the Musical’ in London’t West End, for Children In Need. Special indeed as this performance was to feature a cameo appearance from the lovely Amelia Lily! Here she is (with hair by me) with the one and only Pudsey bear!Image

I’d been wanting to see this show ever since i’d seen an excerpt from the Broadway version a couple of years ago, I think if you love musical theatre, and you enjoyed the Shrek films, you can’t really go wrong. The Scenery, costumes and wigs are all marvellous, and the songs will be ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Amelia was brilliant, she came on right at the end, dressed as Princess Fiona, and performed the show’s hero song ‘I’m a believer’ with Shrek himself! Here’s a wee pic, sneakily taken by me on the big night! She was ACE! ImageYou may notice the 3 little pigs in the foreground there, what a hoot!

Most importantly her appearance raised money and awareness for a very special cause, you may have seen the live broadcast of Children In Need last friday, it was a real showstopper. You can find out more information, and even donate here

Sadly Shrek the musical is coming to the end of it’s run at the Drury Lane Theatre, but there is still some time to get a ticket and see the show before it finishes in mid February 2013. I can highly recommend it, especially for families.Image It’d be worth it just to see the amazing use of puppetry for many of the more mystical characters, and would make an magical christmas evening out. Just don’t forget to buy your Shrek Ears, modeled here by myself, and the lovely Lucy Gibson!


Posted by Sami on 31/10/12

As i’ve said time and time again any good hair style starts with good prep, and good prep always begins with good shampoo and conditioner.

Well! Good news for all of us style junkies, as BED HEAD have come up with 2 brand spanking new sets of S&C to make life all the more easier and sweet smelling. Image

First up is the pulsatingly pink RECHARGE, a soapy set ideal for those of us that have a serious addiction to product, and partying. This combo is essentially a clarifying treat for your hair. It will wash out any grease, grime or product build up, and then condition to leave soft lustrous hair that shines like a diamond geezer.

In the green corner we’ve another punchy pairing, this time, the perfect salve for anyone who’s a big tease, backcombing that is…. Unfortunate as it may seem, backcombing and intensive styling are not great for you hair, and you ideally need something to give it strength from within, to stop breakage, and snapping. ELASTICATE is just the stuff, packed to the tippity top with proteins and sweet almond oil it’s the equivalent of performance enhancing pills for your pouffed up pompadour. Get in there, get it clean, and get it conditioned, so you can keep on styling like a pro, without the worry of waking up the next morning with broken strands and split ends.

As with all BEDHEAD prdoducts they smell delicious like Orange, Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla. A right fruity punch in the nostrils.

I’ve been using both sets on both myself, and my clients ever since the launch last week, and we love them, so get down to your TIGI salon, and do your hair a favour.


Posted by Sami on 24/09/12

A day off is a very rare thing, and I wanted to make mine extra special this week, so I decided to head on up to the Harry Potter, Warner Brothers’ Studio Tour in Watford!! I was a fan of the books, and loved the films. I was really excited!

Once in Watford (only 20 mins from London Euston) you climb aboard the Harry Potter coach, which takes you straight to the studios.


There’s a small queue before you head into a large screening room, and you’re introduced to the studios by familiar faces from the films. Then in a flash the screen disappears, and you’re standing before the door to the Hogwarts great hall, you go through as a group, and there you are, on the set! It’s much smaller than if looks in the films, but every detail is there! I made sure I got one of the digital audio guides, and then whole studios are linked by a numbered tour, I would really recommend getting one of these if you go. It really gives you hours more information than you could ever get from the very detailed placards all ove the studio.

After the great hall, you walk through various scenes from the films There’s the Gryffindor common room, the potions classroom, Dumbledore’s Office, and then cases filled with hundreds of intricately designed props and costumes. One of the most interesting sections was the special effects section, it had several examples of how those amazing effects were created, along with very in depth films fro the film’s producers.


Some of my favourite parts of the exhibit, was the Wig department for obvious reasons, and then the office of Professor Umbridge, you’ll remember her as the sweetly evil, ministry of magic representative, played by Imelda Staunton. It as such a beautiful set. I’d love to have something similar for my front room, or it would make an incredible Salon!

The pièce de résistance was the scale model of Hogwarts, that was used throughout all the films when they were panning across, or flying in over the school. A truly breathtaking sight, it was VAST, and had such beautiful detail, you really felt like you could live inside!Image

Last up was the really incredible gift shop, filled with everything Harry Potter, you can even buy a replica of each characters wand, in a beautiful box, fresh out of Olivander’s.

A fantastic day out for all ages, as long as they’re harry potter fans!


Posted by SAMI on 16/08/12


I was lucky enough just last week to make my second (now annual) visit to the Edinburgh Fringe. I was expecting a lot, having had so much fun last year, and I’m happy to report it was a smashing success.


My pick of the visit had to be going to see a biographical show about George Formby, a one man show written and performed by Ewan Wardrop. This amusing yet touching jaunt through the highs and lows of the life and career of  the late comic performer. Wardrop hit the nail on the head with his interpretation of a man, who could so easily be made into a caricature, his singing and dancing impressed, and his charm enraptured the audience from beginning to end, no mean feat considering the fickle nature of a fringe audience! The show runs at Assembly One until the 27th of August, with no shows on Tuesday’s. Show starts at 4:45pm.

Dinner that evening was at the recommendation of Gizzi Erskine who knows the ‘Burgh like the back of her hand. The Dogs was her suggestion, and so off I went with my Edinburgh hosts Amy Lamé and her director Scottee. The Dogs is a shabby glam rustic type of place, where the chairs, nor the plates match. It promises top notch, Great British food. I started with fried lambs breast with butternut and toasted almonds, which was delicious, crisp and tender, however ruined by the over dressed rocket leaves that smothered it. Mains was better, a seafood stew, which contained a melange of very fresh, well cooked fish and seafood, in a creamy base. It came with a couple of enormous prawns, and a large homemade crouton, perfect for dipping into the juices. The wine list was limited, and samey, but we settled on something white, and new worldy that went down well. All in all it’s a great little spot for some homey grub, I was pleased with the value for money, and would go again for a cosy evening with friends. The Dogs is located at 110 Hanover St, Edinburgh.


After a good feed, I suggested a cocktail; the best way I could think to include a snoop about the Missoni Hotel, new to Edinburgh in 2009, and right in the centre of town, and it really was just the place to be, a quiet and very cool bar with nestled seating was light relief from the madness of the Fringe. Two Amaretto Sours, and an Old Fashioned later, we were in agreement, this was indeed the best place for a classy cocktail around.

I couldn’t possibly write about my trip to Edinburgh withut mentioning Amy’s Show Unhappy Birthday. I’ve seen the show a few times before, and was delighted to see it again in it’s new Fringe setting. I’ve reviewed the show previously on here, and am really pleased to say it’s still the fun, fast paced romp about with Amy at her most obsessive. If you’re in town for the Fringe, get yourself a ticket, The show is at Assembly 3 at 6:40pm.

After two visits North of the border for this fantastic festival, I can hardly wait for more next year. The overwhelming atmosphere, fun and enjoyment of the event is like nothing else i’ve experienced, and if you’ve some time, and a sense of humor, get on that train, plane or automobile, and experience it for yourself.