So following up my MAC Hit the Pavement blog I found myself scribbling Plan Bs lyrics with body paint on the beautiful Anouska Mond for the Deepest Shame music video with the help of Theresa Davies who’s too cool for school she’s stuck in the 90s even though Im pretty sure she was too young to even remember them, she’s the Robin to my Batman or the Salt to my Pepper. Any hooo, Anouska plays Michelle in Plan B’s debut film Ill Manors. At the tender age of 29 Ben Drew is a busy guy, he has released 2 albums, played roles in 3 films and written and directed the gritty Ill Manors.

Deepest shame was directed by the handsome Paul Caslin known for directing Ibiza Rocks and winning awards, he’s worked with Rihanna, Tine Tempah, Cheryl Cole and and the rest..

The music video is set within Michelle’s surreal- hyperreal subconscious interwoven with grisly mostly brutal footage from Ill Manors leading to her eventual redemption…phew.. probably the heaviest music video I have worked on after Chase and Status ‘Let me Go’ Directed by 32.




On Wednesday night I went to ‘HIT THE PAVEMENT’ a MAC event, it was held in the now redundant Shoreditch station off of Brick lane.  There was an abundance of street food and dangerously delicious margaritas, but most of all there was body painting.

When I was at art school I was into live installations, I wanted to paint naked people like Yayoi Kusama.  That’s how I ended up studying make up at LCF.  Body painting goes in and out of fashion, it might make you think of page 3 girls with England football kits painted on their breasts or the Goyte video for ‘Somebody that I used to know’.  The point is that body painting can look rather old fashioned and I am schooled in it, I love it.  I used to dance and parade about wonderful parties body painted as a turquoise cyber 60’s dolly bird with a UV butterfly on my chest and bubbles climbing my legs. When I left college Tatler painted my bottom in Andy Warhol colours for a diamond encrusted watch advertorial.

On Wed night MAC created a rather  wonderful instillation, street performer characters in situ wearing painted clothes which adds a twist to the last MAC body painting event I went too where models didn’t even have a cotton thong to hide their modesty and all sorts was on display.  Which was fun and full of surprises.

This show reminded me somewhat of the Sensation exhibition in parts, especially the 2 American tourists totally dipped in pink and the man catching rays.  There were greek statues leaning delicately against a giant urn and bronze statues on a bench.  A roller girl – you’ve gotta love a roller girl and last but not least a man painted white with his kegs down reading a book on the toilet. That man turned out to be a friend of mine Daniel Dewhirst which was quite  shock to both of us!

The body painting was beautiful I especially loved the pigmented highlights on the bronze bench men, a great concept, great atmosphere and we all thoroughly enjoyed it and quite possibly had one too many margaritas, well, margaritas have two shots of tequila in them…..who knew?


AfRo Hair & Beauty LIVE is always something I look forward to, and this year, I had the pleasure of going with my good friend and Make Up artist Bea Sweet!


(Me & Bea at the show!)

The show was oddly enough scheduled smack bang in the middle of the Jubilee weekend, and was a world away from the river flotillas and street parties going on all around it in Islington.

As with all hair trade shows, AH&B is a way for all the major brands associated with Afro hair and beauty to come and showcase all their new products and services to professionals as well as the public.

Highlights for me this year was the launch of “Miss Jessies” products a range i was familiar with from spending time in the US, made especially for girls (and guys) with very curly, and afro textured hair, the products are pretty impressive, and the demonstrations were thoroughly informative!


Another innovative item was the “Edgestick” a small straightening iron made especially for those that have had their hair relaxed, a Brazillian Blowdry or even a regular blowdry and your roots have gone frizzy, or it’s grown out. This tool has been designed to get right in close to the roots to pull them straight without burning the scalp, something that is difficult to do with a pair of full sized Irons. It’s shape also means you can add maximum root volume by inserting near the scalp and lifting the roots up and out in a curved motion!


I really thought this newfangled tool was a real winner. A must for every session stylist, as well as any curly top who wants to prolong their smooth locks!

There were plenty of other exhibitors to keep myself and Bea occupied, including a demonstration of a new hair extension product called “Bump it” from Sensationnel by World Renowned Afro hair artist Angela Plummer, and a great showcase on styling lace front wigs over at the “Sleek” stall.

Well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in Afro Hair and Beauty, and roll on next year!


I have just got back from teaching in Dubai here are my 5 things that have to be seen to be believed in Dubai.

Lucy in Dubai

1. An urban masterpiece, the tallest free standing building in the world, a feat of engineering and technology climbed by Tom Cruise in the last Mission Impossible. You can go to the 124th floor in about 5 seconds in the lift and see Dubai in all its glory, we went at night time and it was if we were inside a giant pinball machine.


2. The Dancing Fountain.The dancing fountain is in the Burj Khalifa lake downtown Dubai right next to the Dubai Mall and infront of the Burj Khalifa. 22,000 gallons of airborne water make this the biggest fountain in the world, the water reaches the height of a 50 storey building, choreographed to music (Lionel Richie was my favourite) with an amazing light show, it can be seen from 20 miles on the ground and can even be seen from outer space.

3.The Dubai Mall Aquarium. Set in the Dubai Mall is the world’s largest viewing panel at 32.8m wide and 8.3m high. Dubai Aquarium has more than 33,000 living animals, representing more than 85 species including over 400 sharks and rays.

4. The indoor Ski Dubai, set in the Mall of the Emirates is an actual Ski slope, they even have penguins!?!

5. 101 Lounge. Eating out, take a taxi to the Royal Mirage The Palace, it’s the oldest hotel in Dubai, at a staggering 18 years old! There you will be shuttled to a jetty picked up by a James Bondesque boat and driven to the 101 Lounge restaurant, set on stilts in the water off of the Palm. At about £80 a head, it’s well worth it. You have to prebook mind.

Lucy and Reena Patel at the Royal Mirage The Palace.

Don’t forget your Bed Head when you’re off to the sun.. I took a supply of Some Like it Hot…

If you live in Dubai and you are interested in makeup artistry, I will be back teaching in October at the Pullman Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, click below for more details.

See ya!


Do you know Coco Fennell yet? If not then why the hell not?

She is the hot new designer to watch, and when I say hot I mean she is also very hot, she is signed to Models 1 I’ll have you know! Her dresses can be seen on the likes of Daisy Lowe, Pixie Lott, Gizzi Erskine and many more… I am lucky enough to work with Coco, shooting her look-books along with my team (and TIGI BedHead Street Squaders) Sami Knight, Lucy Wearing and Mimi Wade… I asked Coco a few questions…

LOUIE: So Coco, tell us a bit about your new collection and what inspired you…

COCO: My new collection of prints are inspired by images of antique decoupage and circus posters… the shapes are inspired by 60’s designers and aim to be flattering to lots of different shapes of ladies.

Daisy Lowe in Coco Fennell

LOUIE: Who is your favourite designer?

COCO: My favorite designers are The Blonds and JC de Castelbajac if I had lots of money I’d buy everything they make!

LOUIE: What are you listening to at the minute? Any golden oldies or hot new tracks we should hear about?

COCO: My music taste is that of a 14 year old girl – I’ve just made a playlist made up of Misteeq, Destiny’s Child and 3LW that is really special. I am also loving Dry the River lots of lovely sad beardy men harmonising.

LOUIE: If you could dress anyone from any era, alive or dead who would it have been?

COCO: I would love to have dresses Jayne Mansfield she was a hot buxom lady with a ridiculous figure and a heart shaped swimming pool.

LOUIE: If you where an animal what would you be?

COCO: If I were an animal I would be a sloth because they look all cuddly and slow.

LOUIE: Who you rating, who you slating?

COCO: I am loving Joseph Gilgun and not really hating anyone…hating someone’s always going to come back and bite you in the ass.

LOUIE: Lana Del Rey’s lips…. hot or not?

COCO: Her lips are kind of hot …her whole face looks brand new….I should get the name of her surgeon.

LOUIE: Well Coco I agree she is hot, however I recommend leaving the surgery for now you certainly don’t need it!

Check out Coco’s dresses here… and buy one while your at it!



It’s the same reason I play Billie Pipers “honey to the bee” full volume when I awake, why I went, and have been obsessing over, Hula Hooping classes. The same reason I drag my unwitting friends to pole dancing in activist’s and freedom fighter’s squats in Hackney Wick (you get a tangerine and a slap on the bottom at the end). It’s the quest to find and insure that my inner 90’s bea-stung breasted monster child is still in there. So, with the promise of a florescent pink Queen of Hearts cocktail and an assurance that this is NOT exercise, darling Mimi and I  ventured to the Biscuit Tin, Shoreditch, to find the 6 packs we had lost somewhere between puberty and McDonalds.

MARAWA the AMAZING. Phowaaoor.  Not only has she played at EVERY festival you’ve ever been to, The Amazing has  done it on every continent, she’s done it on a trapeze, TV shows, music videos. You name it Marawa has grinded on it. Pint sized Marawa is a delicious, Nutritious, heart racing and good for your health. Her current record, she told me, is 133 hoops at once.  She’s better than a light installation or a disco ball, its mesmerizing to watch.  So after an hour of Mimi boomeranging her hoop across the room several times, me playing a brown nosed teacher’s pet, we upped our game.

So imagine a torpedo hula hooping, okay? So your this torpedo, hula hooping pedo, your arms are in the air, your nipples have popped out and then taken shelter and Marawa starts throwing a heap of hula hoops at you, screaming, HARDER, KEEP IT UP, rhythm… cuuum OOOOORRRN, KEEP GOING FASTER!!

“Ok well it takes a lot of practice”.

I ended up being 130 away from Marawa’s record, three on the go, frizbeeing someone in the head only once.

Mimi at this point has a green bruise crawling up her hips and announced herself exercised out. I announced myself too sober and we left. But I am going back Sunday…

(Photos courtesy of Marawa the amazing)

Marawa website:


When I DJ with Hayley Caine we love dropping Aerosmith ‘Dude looks like a lady’ – you should listen to it whilst you read this..I have male friends straight and gay who wear make up so I thought I would delve into the world of not metro sexual male grooming but men that wear as much or more make up than I do.]

Louie by LouieLouie by Louie

So you know Louie Banks fellow Street Squader. Let’s start with him.

Louie loves his clothes, his hair and his make up.

I have known Louie since he was 17 I think he’s beautiful and although he might be wearing lace gloves, rings that Henry the eighth would be proud of and 8 inch brothel creepers to me he is butch make up or no make up. Recently I walked down Brick Lane with Louie and Josh Quinton and they looked like two tropical birds of paradise. And everyone wanted their photo.

Admittedly I did Louie’s make up for the iD shoot and you can see the influence of the Rocky Horror Picture show which reminds me that I had a chance meeting in a posh car with fashion historian Amber Jane Butchart I love this quote from her blog.

“I can’t help it if the first moment that Tim Curry turns around in Sweet Transvestite is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” – Amber Jane Butchart.

Josh without make up has something Michael Hutchins about him. I had a dream that he became the next Kate Moss, now that would be a wonderful thing.

Stephen Tennant wore make up in the 20’s androgyny was all the rage. Leigh Bowery used make up to transform himself into Indian gods and otherworldly beings. He famously covered himself in orange pokadots. Then we have Boy George the New Romantics, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Marc Bolan. They made it acceptable for a man to wear make up. Lou reed wrote a song called Make Up-

‘Rouge and coloring, incense and ice, perfume and kisses, ooohhh, it’s all so nice. You’re a slick little girl, you’re such a slick little girl. Now, we’re coming out,
out of our closets. Out on the streets…

Yeah, we’re coming out.’

When Louie wears make up he’s quite expressive and when Josh paints his lips black and colours his eyes in brows he just looks great. Girls wear make up to look great so what’s the difference. We’re conditioned in this day and age to think of make up as a girls thing, men frequently tell Louie, ‘the ladies are that way.’

I play in two bands with Oliver Martin (he goes out with Crystabel from Maria and the Mirrors from my Travel Sex blog) heres what he had to say-

Oliver Martin

ME: When did you start wearing make up?

OM: Around about 14. I think it started with black nail varnish and it escalated from there.

ME: Did anybody inspire you to wear it?

OM: I guess it was the bands I was listening to. I was a bit of a metal-head but not in the big beard, beer gut, Slayer sense (although I love a bit of Slayer). More camp-goth metal. Then came Bowie and Iggy. I was just a lanky kid in an all boy rugby school that really wanted to fuck with as many people as possible – it was hilarious how horrified people were.

ME: When do you wear it?

OM: Back then all the time. I would wear orange eye shadow that made me look very unwell. Now I usually wear it when I play live, though not as much as I’d like.

ME: How does it make you feel?

OM: Confident. It’s been a big part of my playing music to people over the years, and as such I associate it with getting out there and putting on a show. It’s nice to feel glamorous once in a while, otherwise I’m just a spotty drunk with a 5 o’clock shadow.

An interview with fellow Street Squad member Louie Banks

ME: When did you start wearing make up?

LB: I honestly can’t remember, since a very young age, on and off.

ME: How does it make you feel?

LB: That would depend on how its done, ones mood can be channeled through your makeup, for example dark bold smudgy eyes when ones feeling a little dark… using colours when happy, downwards slanting eye makeup and eyebrows for a more solemn look, so in the long run i probably feel how I look!

ME: Who inspired you/ inspires you to wear it? –

LB: Klaus Nomi, Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter.

ME: Whats your favourite product?

LB: Liquid Metal by Illamasqua

ME: Do you wear it everyday?

LB: Far from…!

(He does wear a base though! I can tell )

Clifford Grant Drummer, DJ, Art collector musing about make up age unkown


CG:I know that if I feel like doing something I shouldn’t worry what other people think about it. It is a bit of a rebel in a way. If I wanna put make up on, why not? That’s why I liked the 70s and the 80s we were blessed with great times, you know you’d get a rockabilly over there, a punk over there.

ME: So in the 80’s which male artist did you look at and think that looks cool?

CG: Dave Vanian out the Damned, Johnny Rotten All The Depeche mode stuff.

LW: Where you Djing then? What were you doing?

CG: I was playing in the C***ts. Then I realised I had left Edgar Winter and the whole of Prog Rock out!

Last but never least, here’s me having a chin wag with Josh Quinton..

ME: When did you start wearing make up?

JQ: Oh gosh! probably when i was about 8 or 9, I had a fixation my great nan, her hats shoes, jewellery but particularly her makeup drawer. then… I went to secondary school. and that sobered me up. i didnt really start wearing makeup again untill I was in my 20s.

ME: Did anybody inspire you to wear it?

JQ: Then I was little I was obsessed with making myself look as much like Mrs Doubtfire as possible! I was always dressing up as witches or clowns, – I haven’t really changed much to be honest I still dress like a clown and still end up looking like Mrs Doubtfire a lot of the time too! now I love 70s disco artists, Amanda Lear, Donna Summer.. Divine, Eartha Kitt.. films really inspire me too… Mars Attacks, Death Becomes Her, La Cage aux Folles, oh! Slaves of New York… amazing!

ME: When do you wear it?

JQ: Nearly every single day, I don’t seem to be able to go out the house without it now though I seem to often be told I don’t need it! I generally like to make myself to look as ill as possible

ME: How does it make you feel?

JQ: I’m constantly getting confused for a woman when I’m out, though I certainly don’t wear makeup to myself look like one! I would hate to be thought of as a tranny, I just feel like a boy… with a bit of with of lippy on.

Watch Josh and his friends get a bit fruity, sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Josh Quinton – Have a look at AmberJane Buschart’s marvellous musings

Are you a boy who wears make up? Post your pictures.

Until next time.. Lucy xx