14 Mar


When I DJ with Hayley Caine we love dropping Aerosmith ‘Dude looks like a lady’ – you should listen to it whilst you read this..I have male friends straight and gay that wear make up so I thought I would delve into the world of not metro sexual male grooming but men that wear as much or more make up than I do.

Louie by Louie

Louie and Josh by Louie

So you know Louie Banks fellow Street Squader. Let’s start with him.

Louie loves his clothes, his hair and his make up.

I have known Louie since he was 17 I think he’s beautiful and although he might be wearing lace gloves, rings that Henry the eighth would be proud of and 8 inch brothel creepers to me he is butch make up or no make up. Recently I walked down Brick Lane with Louie and Josh Quinton and they looked like two tropical birds of paradise. And everyone wanted their photo.

Admittedly I did Louie’s make up for the iD shoot and you can see the influence of the Rocky Horror Picture show which reminds me that I recently had a chance meeting in a posh car with fashion historian Amber Jane Butchart I love this quote from her blog.

“I can’t help it if the first moment that Tim Curry turns around in Sweet Transvestite is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” – Amber Jane Butchart.

Josh without make up has something Michael Hutchins about him. I had a dream that he became the next Kate Moss, now that would be a wonderful thing.

Stephen Tennant wore make up in the 20’s androgyny was all the rage. Leigh Bowery used make up to transform himself into Indian gods and other worldly beings he famously covered himself in orange poka dots then we have Boy George the new Romantics, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Marc Bolan. They made it alright for a guy to wear make up. Lou reed wrote a song called Make Up-

‘Rouge and coloring, incense and ice

perfume and kisses, ooohhh, it’s all so nice

You’re a slick little girl

you’re such a slick little girl

Now, we’re coming out,

out of our closets

Out on the streets

yeah, we’re coming out.

When Louie wears make up he’s quite expressive and when josh paints his lips black and colours his eyes in browns he just looks great. And girls wear make up to look great so what’s the difference. We’re conditioned in this day and age to think of make up as a girls thing, men frequently tell Louie, ‘the ladies are that way. ‘

I play in 2 bands with Oliver Martin, he goes out with Crystabel Riley from Maria and the Mirrors from my Travel Sex blog here’s what he had to say-

Oliver Martin

ME_when did you start wearing make up?

OM_Around about 14. I think it started with black nail varnish and it escalated from there.

ME_Did anybody inspire you to wear it?

OM_I guess it was the bands I was listening to. I was a bit of a metal-head but not in the big beard, beer gut, Slayer sense (although I love a bit of Slayer). More camp-goth metal. Then came Bowie and Iggy. I was just a lanky kid in an all boy rugby school that really wanted to fuck with as many people as possible – it was hilarious how horrified people were.

ME_when do you wear it?

OM_Back then all the time. I would wear orange eye shadow that made me look very unwell. Now I usually wear it when I play live, though not as much as I’d like.

ME_how does it make you feel?

OM_Confident. It’s been a big part of my playing music to people over the years, and as such I associate it with getting out there and putting on a show. It’s nice to feel glamorous once in a while, otherwise I’m just a spotty drunk with a 5 o’clock shadow.

Louie Banks

ME_When did you start wearing make up?

LB_I honestly can’t remember, since a very young age, on and off.

ME_How does it make you feel?

That would depend on how its done, ones mood can be channeled through your makeup, for example dark bold smudgy eyes when ones feeling a little dark… using colours when happy, downwards slanting eye makeup and eyebrows for a more solemn look, so in the long run i probably feel how I look!

ME_Who inspired you/ inspires you to wear it? –

LB_Klaus Nomi, Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter.

ME_Whats your favourite product?

LB_Liquid Metal by Illamasqua

ME_do you wear it everyday?

LB_Far from…!

(He does wear a base though! I can tell )

Clifford Grant Drummer, DJ, Art collector musing about make up age unkown


I know that if I feel like doing something I shouldn’t worry what other people think about it. It is a bit of a rebel in a way. If I wanna put make up on, why not? That’s why I liked the 70s and the 80s we were blessed with great times, you know you’d get a rockabilly over there, a punk over there.

ME_So in the 80’s which male artist did you look at and think that looks cool?

CG_Dave Vanian out the Damned, Johnny Rotten All The Depeche mode stuff.

LW_Where you Djing then? What were you doing?

CG_I was playing in the C***ts.

Then I realised I had left Edgar Winter and the whole of Prog Rock out!

Last but never least, here’s me having a chin wag with Josh Quinton..

ME_When did you start wearing make up?

JQ_Oh gosh! probably when i was about 8 or 9, i had a fixation my great nan, her hats shoes, jewellery but particularly her makeup draw. then… i went to secondary school. and that sobered me up. i didnt really start wearing makeup again untill i was in my 20s.

ME_Did anybody inspire you to wear it?

JQ_Then i was little i was obsessed with making myself look as much like Mrs Doubtfire as possible! i was always dressing up as witches or clowns, – i haven’t really changed much to be honest i still dress like a clown and still end up looking like Mrs Doubtfire a lot of the time too! now i love 70s disco artists, Amanda Lear, Donna Summer.. Divine, Eartha Kitt.. films really inspire me too… Mars Attacks, Death Becomes Her, La Cage aux Folles, oh! Slaves of New York… amazing!

ME_When do you wear it?

JQ_Nearly every single day, i don’t seem to be able to go out the house without it now though i seem to often be told i don’t need it! i generally like to make myself to look as ill as possible

ME_How does it make you feel?

JQ_I’m constantly getting confused for a woman when I’m out, though i certainly don’t wear makeup to myself look like one! i would hate to be thought of as a tranny, i just feel like a boy… with a bit of with of lippy on.

So I guess Dude doesn’t quite look like a lady after all.

Watch Josh and his friends get a bit fruity, sure to brighten anyone’s day. – AmberJane Buschart’s marvellous musings


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Are you a boy that wears make up? Post your pictures.

Until next time..


The other night I watched Ken Russell’s 1971 film version of Sandy Wilson’s musical The Boy Friend. Twiggy is an absolute delight and so is her make up. I marvelled at the costumes and set pastiche of 1920s glamour and musicals. The perfectly cast Twiggy twirls, flaps and sings through a stunning array of elaborate stages. Its a trippy affair. I was particularly taken by Twiggy’s eyebrows. The thin arched brow sported by many silver screen goddesses in the 20s/30s notably Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

You can define the time by a brow, Twiggy’s make up reminded me of my Mum above pictured with my Dad who modelled around that time and also had the freckles, big doe eyes and curved browature with masses of thick red hair. In fact my mother still looks like that. I think it was those pictures of my Mum that led me to paint faces and she will be surprised to read that I’m sure…

More recently the big brow, gently shaped but not trimmed, not over groomed has been en vogue, think Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon and a very 80’s Madonna. A lot of ladies go for threading, threading bars pop up all over the place. I was astonished when recently I taught class of students that all had identical to the last hair threaded eyebrows. All of them, yawn. The one brow shape cannot suit so many faces. Surely.

Not many people can get away with no brows but Karen Elson did, when she had her already awfully (in a good way) fair brows shaved off and painted with blocks of colour she shot to fame in the late 90s coinciding with the release of Elizabeth starring Kate Blanchett she was right on trend with her pale skin and red hair, a time when brows were pretty thin on the ground anyway, who could forget Pamela Anderson or Annalise in Neighbours.

I have had some real eyebrow disasters, I met a guy at college with a convincing preach on deconstruction of the human form ie: 1 green horn of hair on his head and half a blue moustache, I thought he was marvellous and promptly shaved mine off. Um Regret. I even had them tattooed back on by my friend Tara for my birthday. They grew back.

So I’m wondering what the next brow fix will be and if I can find a face with freckles and arched brows like Twiggy in the Boy Friend to use for a beauty story…”..could it be you?”

Sorry did I digress from the film? well it’s one of my new favourites ever… You really must watch it.

I can’t believe I managed to get a pic of Annalise and Pammy in my blog all my dreams come true.

13 Feb


This is Oonah and this is how to use make up to make your face look like it hasn’t got any make up on it. Does that sound pointless?

Perfect skin is a trend staple for every season whether it be for the catwalk, editorial, advertorial or just going to the shops. Having clear luminous skin will never go out of fashion.

Here’s a few tips to get effortlessly clean and clear beautiful skin that does actually require just a little bit of effort and more contradictions.

Most importantly look after your skin. For normal/ combination skin I recommend Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. Sensitive skin/ skin prone to being oily, Avene thermal water range and for Mature skin ReVive Skincare.

– Massage your Moisturiser into your skin using circular motions to wake your skin up.

– Get your glow from a tube. Use a little of any luminising primer. I used Laura Mercier’s Radiance primer on Oonah.

– Match your foundation to your chest not to your face. Work it in don’t slap it on, only use it where you need it. Build up the base until you have an even skin tone.

-Use a concealor that matches your foundation. Liquid concealors are best for around the eyes especially on mature skins. Heavier products will highlight fine lines but then they are better on blemishes.

-Cream blusher gently rubbed into the apples of the cheeks creates a more natural skin finish I used MAC Fabulush for a natural flush.

-Set with a powder using a brush focusing on the T zone. Don’t over powder.

-Groom brows with clear mascara / brow gel

-A light brush of mascara. Brown for red heads, brown/black for blondes and bruntettes, black for dark brown/black.

-Tinted lipsalve adds a bit of colour and evens out the natural lip colour. Making you look pure and super healthy even if you don’t feel it.

The Tomb Of The Unknown Craftsman

Turner Prize winning artist and craftsman Grayson Perry has spent two years with free run of the British Museum to pay tribute to 2 million years of culture, civilisation and its anonymous craftsmen.  In his curation of ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman’ a charming visual feast of colours and imagery his
lyrical pieces of work fuse sacred journeys, tradition and contemporary culture with Grayson Perry’s humour and outlandish personality stamped all over it.

The immense tapestry ‘pilgrimage destination’s’ is as vast as it is impressive. When reading his words you realise the he is not as naive a craftsman talisman or thinker as his work initially might suggest.  Primarily Grayson Perry is known as a potter, a postmodernist potter who likes to dress in women’s clothes and has an alter ego called Clare and here in the British Museum he shows off many other talents as well as that of a curator in this celebration of craftsmanship and a salute to artists ( well most of them) that will excite Perry fans and infuriate the likes of Brian Sewell.

The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman is now showing at the British Museum until the 19th Feb 2012


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  1. Lucy Wearing says:

    If Grayson Perry designed bags..

    I just opened the Asos magazine and saw the Mexicana rucksack. This oversized Tex Mex skull backpack is ever so Grayson Perry… and you cant beat a backpack in my opinion!

    • Miro says:

      This is a good, coommn sense article.Very help find a who is the part.It have some help educate my germplasm resources.


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