At the end of November we shot the lovely Ellie Goulding my favorite for the December cover of 1883 magazine.
There are 8 more beautiful pages of Ellie inside.

READ ALL ABOUT IT>> View, download or buy the magazine here
Shot by Photographer Alexander Jordan
Styling Filippo Giuliani
Make up by Me
Hair by Marcia Lee
How was your NYE? Did you see Ellie on Top of the Pops New Years Eve Special?

Heres what I used to get the look…


-To get a nice smooth base I used Benefits ‘the POREfessional’ It’s a little pricy but you only need to use a tiny bit on your T zone or any Oily areas, it will last forever.. it minimises open
pores and provides a nice lasting base for your foundation.

-I prepped the under eye area with Cliniques ‘Even Better Eyes’ – Dark circle corrector, I always have this in my handbag for myself.

-The foundation was Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Crème Compact, it’s nice and creamy and then sets with a powdery finish.

-For the mouth I used ‘Ceramic” lip liner by Top Shop and filled with ‘Celestial Kiss Creme Sheen Glass’ from MAC.

-‘Spot lit’ mineralise eyeshadow from MAC (a gold eyeshadow tempered with tiny particles of glitter) on the lid blended into the sockets and worked some taupe brown eyeshadow into the socket to deepen and elongate the eye.

-The eye liner was Maybeline ‘Eyestudio Lasting Drama’ gel eyeliner, its inexpensive, comes with a handy brush it makes it easy to apply your own and is really black. Always have a cotton bud dipped in Eye make up remover to make any alterations rather than scrubbing the whole lot off. The eyeliner is thin at the inner corner and thicker at the outer corner flicking up. If you look in the mirror and raise your chin the line should appear to be flat on top.

-False Lashes were Wispies from Ardell available in Boots and for mascara ‘high impact extreme Mascara’ from Clinique. It’s worth investing in a good mascara, if your beauty budget is tight I’d def blow it on the mascara. This one gives the thickest blackest lashes.

– Nails – I used ‘Hen Party’ from Butter London.


I saw Ellie at Brixton Academy this week she totally rocked it!


Sami: Hangover Hair.


Christmas is most definitely upon us, I have not had one party-free night this week, and my poor hair has been surviving on dry shampoo, and champagne fumes. 

TIGI to the rescue, with a somewhat overlooked Bedhead favourite, After-Party. 

ImageThis silky, shimmering smoothing creme is EXACTLY the answer to your post party mop, it conditions, and adds shine, creating a gorgeous lived in barnet, ready for another night of riotous fun. There is such a danger when using dry shampoo, to go overboard, and make your hair a little too matte, After-Party blends beautifully here, and works in harmony with your powdered pouffe to replace the shine, and managability without adding the greasy roots back in. 

Trust me on this one, get yourself a bottle, and smooth some salve on your locks, till boxing day, and then start up again on New Years Eve! 

Currently still available with Limited Edition packaging by fellow Streesquad blogger Nick!



Posted by Stevie on 10/12/12


Berlin based Big Skies played their debut London gig to a packed out Macbeth, filled with musos, industry insiders and other bands, which always suggests someone knows something. From their opening track they impressed. Tight, energetic and defined, the four piece form a great unit.

90s inspired sound rolls out from the 4 piece. Front man Jim Cubitt sings from beneath a mass of hair with optimistic lyrics “We look to the future there’s a light at the end” sewn together with open melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.

The band are grateful for the turn out with Cubitt charming in his interaction and a cheeky glint in his eye, it’s very easy to warm to his personality as much as their sound.

Similar to Peace and Swim Deep, Big Skies champion a sound that’s been missing for a long time on the music scene, but playing it to a fan base who grew up on it and fondly remember those bands of the 90s who originally pioneered the sound.

The sound evokes nostalgia both in their tracks and the similarity to an adolescence filled with Pearl Jam. All alluded to in the title of their first release “Back To The One We Knew”.

Big Skies, having had marked success in Berlin could emulate the feat on their home shores as leaders in this popular new sound. Lets hope they return sooner rather than later and continue their progress in London to match their success in the German capital. Whether here or abroad be sure to keep your eyes on Big Skies.

Posted by Harriet on 27/11/12



Celebrating all things porcine this Christmas PIGMEE invites YOU to their first ever X-mas Party at Hysteria Daslton, 13.12.12.

Free Entry, Spiced Punch and 2 floors of hell raising, nose twitching, bum clenching music.

From ate till late.








Here’s the Facebook Event Page

See you all there piggies!

Harriet x


Posted by Lucy on 26/11/12
So something or rather someone remarkable can come out of a reality TV show.

Earlier on in the month I was booked to work with Matt Corby. I had never heard of Matt Corby and after some googling I learn’t from Wikipedia that he had come 2nd in Australian Idol at the age of 16 and since had been signed by Ben Lovett to Mumford and Sons label Communion then he went and played in peoples gardens blah blah end of.

And then I met him… Sitting in the garden of the Shipmasters house in Deptford next to the Thames, we drank coffee and nattered over roll ups in the last of the Summer sun. Talking to Matt is like talking my friends, to the troubadours of London’s music scene that make musical pilgrimages  with guitars strapped to their backs, its like having a beer with George Frakes, JD Smith or Danni Razza at the Agile Rabbit in Brixton.

Matt told me about living on his own on a farm or was it a ranch in Australia with a bow and arrow to keep deadly snakes away. He explained how the music industry initially wasn’t exactly what he had imagined and of his return to normality turning his back on London and returning to Oz to work in a coffee shop. He began playing intimate acoustic shows in peoples back gardens which led to his eventual return to our shores.

Then I sat and watched and listened to the live performance. Speechless.

In his early 20s Matt comes across as ageless, he is great company and has an old wise head which is evident in his beautifully penned  honest raw lyrics. His vocals are evocative and  captivating I’d go as far as to say that they will literally stop you in your tracks. He’s been compared to Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. He has a vast range and travels from soprano/verbratto to deep tenor with a flutter of an eyelash and….. I    am    hooked.

So here’s the performance, beautifully filmed by The Blind Club. I must also mention the drums, genius drumming by Chris Mass who I am pretty sure fronted a Levi campaign once upon a time.

So good luck Matt I reckon you’re gonna sell a heap load more records and break alot of hearts.

Thanks always to Dan Curwin 😉

Lucy x

(oo and P.S I used Bed Head Sugar Dust in Matt’s tangled sunned locks)

Check out more about Matt here

Sami: Shrek the Musical – With special guest!

Just last week, I was invited to attend a very special performance of ‘Shrek the Musical’ in London’t West End, for Children In Need. Special indeed as this performance was to feature a cameo appearance from the lovely Amelia Lily! Here she is (with hair by me) with the one and only Pudsey bear!Image

I’d been wanting to see this show ever since i’d seen an excerpt from the Broadway version a couple of years ago, I think if you love musical theatre, and you enjoyed the Shrek films, you can’t really go wrong. The Scenery, costumes and wigs are all marvellous, and the songs will be ringing in your ears for days afterwards.

Amelia was brilliant, she came on right at the end, dressed as Princess Fiona, and performed the show’s hero song ‘I’m a believer’ with Shrek himself! Here’s a wee pic, sneakily taken by me on the big night! She was ACE! ImageYou may notice the 3 little pigs in the foreground there, what a hoot!

Most importantly her appearance raised money and awareness for a very special cause, you may have seen the live broadcast of Children In Need last friday, it was a real showstopper. You can find out more information, and even donate here

Sadly Shrek the musical is coming to the end of it’s run at the Drury Lane Theatre, but there is still some time to get a ticket and see the show before it finishes in mid February 2013. I can highly recommend it, especially for families.Image It’d be worth it just to see the amazing use of puppetry for many of the more mystical characters, and would make an magical christmas evening out. Just don’t forget to buy your Shrek Ears, modeled here by myself, and the lovely Lucy Gibson!


Posted by Stevie on 14/11/12

In a smokey dark room in East London two women I’ve been wanting to see live for a while and one of my firm ones to watch for next year, take to the stage. Saint Lou Lou are an epic pop duo who happen to be half Swedish, half Australian sisters. And both are stunning. Beyond stunning. Like totally amazing. However, I shan’t dwell on this point (too much), back to the gig. (Which is surprisingly predominately full of males for a female pop duo… Hmmm)

With ambient lighting and a male guitarist and drummer, they tear into their set. Open expansive tracks, driving verses and big soaring choruses make SLL very easy on the ear as well as the eye.

Having only so far heard their debut single “Maybe You”, their opening two tracks have more tempo and beat to them. Harmonies flow over the ethereal electronic sound of SLL throughout their set. All the set has more drive than ‘Maybe You’ which means we’ve far from seen all they have to offer. I for one an very much looking forward to further releases.

Throughout they flirt sweetly with the crowd, commenting on the heat in the Dalston basement “though I won’t remove all my clothes. Maybe next year.” They’re relaxed and accomplished inviting you into their world.

Skylights is the closing track to the short set, and what a great track with choral harmonies and a big hook, this could be a hit. When they release it could prove crucial, it’s clear to see why they’ve sat on this one at this early stage. The chorus is an addictive anthem of “we gotta keep on moving on, we’ve gotta keep on to stay strong”. As they finish to rapturous applause they curtsy and smile sweetly thanking the audience for their time.

With such a big bold accomplished sound so early in their career I’d think these two could be onto something stunning of their own.