Will Young

I recently received tickets to see Will Young. Now Will Young is far from my normal cup of tea, but I appreciate he has a decent voice and is one of the few reality TV stars to have turned his talent into a respectable career rather than be a celebrity-hungry, headline-grabbing flash in the pan.

So as they were complimentary I decided to go with a friend, and it was actually a good night. I went open minded and found he put on a great show at the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, winning over the crowd with a fantastic opening track and playful interactive set. Mr Young bounded round the stage like a big kid performing for his parents but with the sensibility and talent of a true professional.

Packed with upbeat joyous pop, Young’s voice soared throughout the auditorium, pleasing fans as much with his vocals as with his cheeky sharp wit between tracks. He tore through a set packed with classics and newer material, all of which allowed him to show just how strong his vocals are. Supported by a large band the atmosphere of warmth between them flowed from the stage pouring through the audience.

Looking around the gathered mass I saw a very eclectic conglomeration of people, which goes to show how wide reaching his music is and widely diverse his target audience is. All in all I actually had a surprisingly fun night, so all thanks and credit to Mr. Young.



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