Posted by THE BED HEAD STREET SQUAD on 03/09/12

The Street Squad went along to the 5th 1234 Shoreditch Festival at the weekend… Our SS girls were the models in their campaign imagery and Louie and Sami took photos and styled the hair too!

Andy, Sami, Lucy and Mimi made their way down to Shoreditch Park to check out the music, as well as the fairground rides!

Our very own Lucy played in her band The Lovebirds  as well! You can tweet them here

Check out all of the coverage from the Festival at the 1234 Shoredtich website. See you next year?



Posted by BED HEAD STREET SQUAD on 24/08/12

We have a pair of VIP tickets to give away for this year’s The 1234 Shoreditch Festival – a day long celebration of new, up and coming music in Shoreditch Park.

For a chance of winning this fantastic prize, simply email us your answer to the following question –

What Bed Head product would be your festival essential and why?This year’s line-up will showcase some of our favourite artists including Lucy’s band The Lovebirds. Have a listen to The Devil Song below and follow them on Twitter @TheLovebirds

The lucky winner will be selected at random on Wednesday 29th August 2012. Best of luck!

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The Street Squad ladies can currently be seen on posters all over London advertising The 1234 Shoreditch Festival

If you are in the Olympic city this month do keep an eye out… Here are Lucy and Mimi… Harriet is still to come!

Over & out…. BHSS x



It’s the same reason I play Billie Pipers “honey to the bee” full volume when I awake, why I went, and have been obsessing over, Hula Hooping classes. The same reason I drag my unwitting friends to pole dancing in activist’s and freedom fighter’s squats in Hackney Wick (you get a tangerine and a slap on the bottom at the end). It’s the quest to find and insure that my inner 90’s bea-stung breasted monster child is still in there. So, with the promise of a florescent pink Queen of Hearts cocktail and an assurance that this is NOT exercise, darling Mimi and I  ventured to the Biscuit Tin, Shoreditch, to find the 6 packs we had lost somewhere between puberty and McDonalds.

MARAWA the AMAZING. Phowaaoor.  Not only has she played at EVERY festival you’ve ever been to, The Amazing has  done it on every continent, she’s done it on a trapeze, TV shows, music videos. You name it Marawa has grinded on it. Pint sized Marawa is a delicious, Nutritious, heart racing and good for your health. Her current record, she told me, is 133 hoops at once.  She’s better than a light installation or a disco ball, its mesmerizing to watch.  So after an hour of Mimi boomeranging her hoop across the room several times, me playing a brown nosed teacher’s pet, we upped our game.

So imagine a torpedo hula hooping, okay? So your this torpedo, hula hooping pedo, your arms are in the air, your nipples have popped out and then taken shelter and Marawa starts throwing a heap of hula hoops at you, screaming, HARDER, KEEP IT UP, rhythm… cuuum OOOOORRRN, KEEP GOING FASTER!!

“Ok well it takes a lot of practice”.

I ended up being 130 away from Marawa’s record, three on the go, frizbeeing someone in the head only once.

Mimi at this point has a green bruise crawling up her hips and announced herself exercised out. I announced myself too sober and we left. But I am going back Sunday…

(Photos courtesy of Marawa the amazing)

Marawa website: